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MN 128

The Buddha is not able to halt the argument and contention of the saṇgha in Ghosita's vihara in Kosambī and so moves on to Visit Bhago in Balakallonakara village where he teaches him Dhamma and then he visits the Anuruddhas staying in the Eastern Bamboo Grove there. There he teaches the Anuruddhas in great detail the process of eliminating the obstructions to clairvoyant sight and describes the method of jhāna practice in threes which he himself used to attain arahantship.

An absolutely invaluable sutta when it comes to developing insight, clairvoyance and the jhānas.

It is here that we see the actual meditation method used by Gotama: The 'method in threes':

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The Method in Threes

I.i. Develop serenity (samādhi) with thinking (vitakka) and pondering (vicāra);
I.ii. Develop serenity without thinking, just a measure of pondering (vicāra-matta);
I.iii. Develop serenity without thinking or pondering;
II.i. Develop serenity with enthusiasm (pīti);
II.ii. Develop serenity settling down enthusiasm;
II.iii. Develop serenity in connection with happiness;
III.i. Develop serenity with detachment;
[then, not stated as such, but I suggest are, the second and third parts of the third part:]
III.ii. by that attaining freedom,
and in freedom seeing freedom,
III.iii. arises the knowledge and vision:
'Unshakable is my heart's freedom,
this is the end of birth,
there is no further existing.'

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