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Better to Walk Alone

VP 2.MV10.4

'Loud is the noise that ordinary men make.
Nobody thinks himself a fool, when divisions arise in the Samgha,
nor do they ever value another person higher than themselves.

'Bewildered are even the clever words
of him who is versed in the resources of eloquence.
As wide as they like they open their mouth.
By whom they are lead they do not see.

'"He has reviled me, he has beaten me, he has oppressed me, he has robbed me," -
in those who nurse such thoughts,
hatred will never be appeased.

'"He has reviled me, he has beaten me, he has oppressed me, he has robbed me,"-
in those who do not nurse such thoughts,
hatred is appeased.

'For not by hatred is hatred ever appeased;
by not-hatred it is appeased;
this is an eternal law.

'The others do not know
that we must keep ourselves under restraint here;
but those who know it,
their quarrels are appeased.

'They whose bones are broken by their foes,
who destroy lives,
who rob cows, horses, and treasures,
who plunder realms, -
even these may find conciliation.
How should you not find it?

'If a man find a wise friend,
a companion who lives righteously,
a constant one,
he may walk with him,
overcoming all dangers,
happy and mindful.

'If he find no wise friend,
no companion who lives righteously,
no constant one,
let him walk alone,
like a king who leaves his conquered realm behind,
like an elephant in the elephant forest.

'It is better to walk alone;
with a fool there is no companionship.
Let a man walk alone;
let him do no evil,
free from cares,
like an elephant in the elephant forest.'

VP 2. MV 10.4 - Rhys Davids/Oldenberg trans.

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