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Parivīmaɱsa and Yoniso-Manisikara

See: [SN 2.12.51] An outline of the practice to be used by the person interested in comprehending the Paticca Samuppada.

An important sutta for understanding the method of investigation. The word used in this sutta is Parivīmaɱsa. Pari = pass-around, thorough; vīmaɱsa: re-member, in the sense of pondering over bringing to mind the various aspects of a thing.

This is translated by Bhk. Bodhi as 'thorough investigation' which is also used for the translation of yoniso-manisikara (tracing back in memory the origin of a thing). The distinction is that Parivīmaɱsa encompasses yoniso-manisikara and then projects it forward into those insights which should arise from the determination of the origin of a thing.

Generally, however, yoniso-manisikara is more frequently encountered and apparently is assumed to result in these insights.




SN 3.22.74
Discussion: YoniisoManasikaro.

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