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Influences, Corrupting Influences

The word 'āsavas' has given translators no end of trouble and is surely an Āsava.

Āsava. From A SRU 'to flow out.' Which I believe should be read in the simplest possible way as 'in-fluence'.

There is more than one group of Āsava's, and the definition of the term should not be derived from only one.

A tree-stump in one's path at night, or a vicious dog, is an Āsava, but hardly 'A Canker' (Hare, Horner), 'taint' (Bhks. Bodhi, Nanamoli), 'intoxicant' (Rhys Davids) 'fermentation' (Bhk. Thanissaro), 'corruption' (Walshe).

I have been using 'Corrupting Influences', but better for inclusion of all that is covered by the term would be 'disrupting influences.'

Other possibilities: 'Eruptions,' 'Interuptions'.

'The Āsavas' are: sensual pleasures, existence (or living or becoming), blindness, and views.'

'Views' is a later addition and is incorporated in 'blindness.'

Arahantship is attained when 'The Āsava's' are thoroughly exterpated, uprooted, destroyed and yield no more secondary associations (reactions).

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