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That, which is bodily pain,
the bodily disagreeable
the experience of being connected bodily
with the disagreeable
this is said to be 'pain'

Three types of pain:
The pain of pain;
the pain of the confounded [saṅkhara own-made];
the pain of reversal.



Pray what is suffering?"

"There are these three forms of suffering, friend:
the sort of suffering caused by pain,
the sort caused by the activities, [saṅkhara own-made];
the sort caused by the changeable nature of things.

—SN 4.38.14



The aristocrat of truths with regard to pain:

Birth is pain,
Aging is pain,
Sickness is pain,
Death is pain;
Grief and lamentation,
pain and misery,
and despair are pain;
Being yoked to the unloved is pain,
Being separated from the loved is pain
Not getting the wished for, that too is pain.
To be concise:
the five stockpiles binding up individuality are pain.