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Vinaya Texts

Translated from the Pāli by
T. W. Rhys Davids
Hermann Oldenberg

Oxford, the Clarendon Press
Vol. XIII of The Sacred Books of the East

This work is in the Public Domain.
Reformatted from the Internet Sacred Text Archive version scanned and formatted by Christopher M. Weimer

The Pātimokkha

The Adhikarana-samathā; Dhammā

The Rules Regarding The Settlement Of Cases



Here, venerable Sirs, the seven rules regarding the settlement of cases come into recitation.

For the decision and settlement of cases as they from time to time arise,
the Proceeding in presence[1] must be performed,
or the Proceeding for the consciously innocent[2],
or the Proceeding in the case of those who are no longer out of their mind[3],
or the Proceeding on confession of guilt[4],
or the Proceeding by majority of the chapter[5],
or the Proceeding for the obstinate[6],
or the Proceeding by covering over as with grass[7].

Venerable Sirs, the seven rules regarding the settlement of cases have been recited.



In respect of them I ask the venerable ones, 'Are you pure in this matter?'

A second time I ask the venerable ones, 'Are you pure in this matter?'

A third time I ask the venerable ones, 'Are you pure in this matter?'

p. 69 The venerable ones are pure herein. Therefore do they keep silence. Thus I understand.



Here endeth the recitation of the Adhikarana-samathas.



Venerable Sirs! Recited is the Introduction.

Recited are the four Pārāgika Rules.

Recited are the thirteen Samghādisesa Rules.

Recited are the two Aniyata Rules.

Recited are the thirty Nissaggiya-Pākittiya Rules.

Recited are the ninety-two Pākittiya Rules.

Recited are the four Pātidesaniya Rules.

Recited are the Sekhiya Rules.

Recited are the seven Adhikarana-samatha Rules.



So much (of the words) of the Blessed One, handed down in the Suttas, embraced in the Suttas, comes into recitation every half month. It behoveth all to train themselves according thereto in concord, in pleasantness, without dispute!



Here endeth the recitation of the Pātimokkha for the use of the Bhikkhus.



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