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diospyros embryopteris

diospyros embryopteris

Wikipedia: Diospyros is a genus of about 450–500 species of deciduous and evergreen trees. The majority are native to the tropics, with only a few species extending into temperate regions. They are commonly known as ebony or persimmon trees. The generic name is derived from the Greek words d??? (dios), meaning "of Zeus" and (pyros), meaning "grain"[2] and was originally applied to the Caucasian Persimmon (D. lotus).

Childers Dick has nothing more than the identification of the tree as diospyros embryopteris. Referencing: Sen. K. Kaccaayanappakara.nam. Edited by Emile Senart. Journal Asiatique, Mars-Avril, 1871 and Mai-Juin, 1871.

See: Jataka #177


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