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Personalities of the Buddhist Suttas


[AN.1.239] At the top, Beggars, of those of my Female Beggars who Teach Dhamma (dhammakathikanam) is Dhammadinna.


DPPN: An eminent Theri, ranked foremost among nuns who possessed the gift of preaching. She was the wife of Visakha of Rajagaha [not Migara's Mother], and when he, having heard the Budddha preach, became an anagamin, she left the world with the consent of her husband who sent her to the nunnery in a golden palanquin. Dwelling in solitude, she soon attained arahantship with the four patisambhida. She later returned to Rajagaha to worship the Buddha, and there Visakha asked her questions on the Dhamma, which she answered "as easily as one might cut a lotus-stalk with a knife.' The questions and answers are given in the MN.44: Cula Vedalla Sutta. Visakha reported this interview to the Buddha, who praised her great wisdom and commended her eloquence.