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Personalities of the Buddhist Suttas


[242] At the top, Beggars, of those of my Female Beggars who has The Power of the Divine Eye (dibbacakkhukanam) is Sakula.


(DPPN: She belonged to a brahmin family of Savatthi and became a believer on seeing the Buddha accept Jetavana. Later she heard an arahant monk preach, and, being agitated in mind, joined the order. Having developed insight, she won arahantship. Afterwards the Buddha declared her foremost among nuns in dibbacakkhu.

From the Psalms:

While yet I dwelt as matron in the house,
I heard a Brother setting forth the Norm.
I saw that Norm, the Pure, the Passionless,
Track to Nibbana, past decease and birth.
Thereat I left my daughter, left my son,
I left my treasures and my stores of grain;
I called for robes and razors, cut my hair,
And gat me forth into the homeless life.
And first as novice, virtuous and keen
To cultivate the upward mounting Way,
I cast out lust and with it all ill-will,
And therewith, one by one, the deadly Drugs.
Then to the Bhikkuni of ripening power
Rose in a vision mem'ries of the past,
Limpid and clear the mystic vistas grew,
Expanding by persistent exercise.
Act, speech and thought I saw as not myself,
Children of cause, fleeting, impermanent.
And now, with every poisonous Drug cast out,
Cool and serene I see Nibbana's peace.