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Personalities of the Buddhist Suttas


[207] At the top, Beggars, of those of my Beggars who gain offerings is Sivali.


(DPPN: He was the son of Suppavasa, daughter of the king of Koliya. For seven years and seven days he lay in her womb, and for seven days she was in labor and was unable to bring forth the child. She said to her husband: "Before I die I will make a gift," and sent a gift by him to the Buddha. He accepted the gift and pronounced a blessing on her. She was immediately delivered of a son. When her husband returned, she asked him to show hospitality to the Buddha and his monks for seven days.

From the time of his birth, Sivali could do anything. Sariputta talked with him on the day of his birth and ordained him with Suppavasa's permission. Sivali became a sotapanna in the Tonsure-hall when his first lock of hair was cut, and a sakadagamin with the second. Some say that after his ordination he left home on the same day and lived in a secluded hut, meditating on the delays in his birth, and thus, winning insight, attained arahantship.

From the Psalms:
Now have they prospered, all my highest aims,
To compass which I sought this still retreat
The holy lore and liberty, my quest,
All lurking vain conceits I cast away.