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Personalities of the Buddhist Suttas


[206] At the top, Beggars, of those of my Beggars who speak with a lustrous voice is Sono Kutikanno [Sona-Million-Dollar-Ears].

Sono Kutikanno — Sona-Million-Dollar-Ears

From the Psalms:

Reborn in this Buddha-age in the country of Avanti in the family of a very wealthy councilor, he was given the name of Sona. Wearing ear-jewelry worth a crore [not in PED]. Grown up, he became a landowner, and when the venerable Kaccana the Great stayed near his house, he ministered to his wants, learned the Norm, and finally growing disturbed, entered the Order through him.

Anon, while dwelling in the bliss of emancipation, he reviewed his achievement, and full of joy he breathed out these verses [brackets are translator's]:

Not only did I ordination win,
Emancipated am I, sane, immune;
Yea, him have I now see, th'Exalted One,
And where he dwelt, there with him did I lodge.
Far through the night he stayed beneath the sky,
Then, versed in everything's abiding-place,
The Master in his chamber went to rest.
His robe spread Gotama and laid him down,
Like unto lion in a rocky cave,
For whom all fear and dread have passed away.
Thereafter in the presence of the Chief,
The Wake, did Sona, framing goodly speech,
Disciple of the Buddha, speak the Norm.
Well doth he know the factors of this life,
Well doth he cultivate the [Ariyan] Way,
So, having won to that most perfect Peace
Shall he complete becoming, sane, immune.