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Studious Etiological Examination, Tracing to the Point of Origin, systematic attention

To-the-womb-mind-tracking. Studious etiological examination. It is not just finding the point of origin, but the study of the development of a thing down to it's place of origin or conception. This term must serve to indicate tracing a thing to the initial point where it begins (so as to be able to uproot it), but also finding the place where a thing matures to the point of birth (so as to be able to foster it's growth).


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Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Nanamoli Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward
Yoniso-manasikārā Studious Etiological Examination. Mentally tracing back to the womb, or place of origin, [SN 5.46.2] source, start, beginning, begetting wise attention deterministic thinking wise, thorough, careful wise, thorough systematized attention systematic thought appropriate attention thorough attention systematic attention



Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Yoni: 1. the womb. - 2. origin, way of birth, place of birth, realm of existence; nature, matrix. There are four yonis or ways of being born or generation, viz. aṇḍaja oviparous creation, jalābuja viviparous, saṅsedaja moisture-sprung, opapātika spontaneous: M I.73; D III.230... - Freq. in foll. combns: tiracchāna- the class of animals, the brute creation A I.37, 60; V.269...; nāga- birth among the Nāgas S III.240 sq. (in ref. to which the 4 kinds of birth, as mentioned above, are also applied); ... (niraya-nāga-yoni); pasu-=tiracchāna- ...; pisāca- world of the Pisācas S I.209; peta- the realm of the Petas... -kamma- K. as origin A III.186.... - 3. thoroughness, knowledge, insight.... -ayoni superficiality in thought S I.203 ("muddled ways" Mrs. Rh. D.). -yoniso (abl.) "down to its origin or foundation," i. e. thoroughly, orderly, wisely, properly, judiciously S I.203 ("in ordered governance" K.S. I.259); D I.118 (wisely).... Opp. ayoniso disorderly improperly.... - Esp. frequent in phrase yoniso manasikāra "fixing one's attention with a purpose or thoroughly," proper attention, "having thorough method in one's thought" (K.S. I.259).... - Opp. ayoniso manasikāra disorderly or distracted attention D III.273...


SN.I.iv:4: 'Mayhaṃ kho bhikkhave yoniso manasikārā yoniso sammappadhānā anuttarā vimutti anuppattā anuttarā vimutti sacchikatā'

Mrs. Rhys Davids: 'It is by systematic thought, by systematic right effort, bhikkhus, that I have won supreme emancipation, that I have realized supreme emancipation.'

Olds: "It is through mentally tracing things back to their origins, by making the effort to track paths to their sources, beggars, that I have reached incomparable freedom, seen incomparable freedom with my own eyes."

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