Aṅguttara Nikāya


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II. Duka-Nipāta
I. Kamma-Karana Vagga

Sutta 9

Lokapala Sutta

Guardians of the World

Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
Proofed against and modified in accordance with the revised edition at dhammatalks.org
Provenance, terms and conditons



[9][pts][olds][irel] "Monks, these two bright qualities guard the world.

Which two?

Shame and compunction[ed1].

If these two bright qualities
did not guard the world,
there would be no recognition
of 'mother' here,
no recognition of 'mother's sister,'
'uncle's wife,'
'teacher's wife,' or
'wife of those who deserve respect.'

The world would be immersed in promiscuity,
like rams with goats,
roosters with pigs,
or dogs with jackals.

But because these two bright qualities
guard the world,
there is recognition of 'mother,'
'mother's sister,'
'uncle's wife,'
'teacher's wife,'
and 'wife of those who deserve respect.'"


[ed1] Previously "Conscience and sense of compunction" noting: "For the results of unskillful actions."



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