Khuddaka Nikaya

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Chapter I — Single Verses

Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

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I.1[idx][pāḷi] — An Anonymous Bhikkhuni

Sleep, little theri, sleep comfortably,
wrapped in the robe that you've made,
for your passion is stilled —
    like a pot of pickled greens
        boiled dry.




I.3[idx][pāḷi] — Punna

Punna, grow full with good qualities
like the moon on the fifteenth day.
With discernment at total fullness, burst
    the mass
    of darkness.




I.11[idx][pāḷi] — Mutta

So freed! So thoroughly freed am I! —
from three crooked things set free:
    from mortar, pestle,
    and crooked old husband.
Having uprooted the craving
that leads to becoming,
I'm set free from aging and death.




I.17[idx][pāḷi] — Dhamma

Wandering for alms —
weak, leaning on a staff,
with trembling limbs —
I fell down right there on the ground.
Seeing the drawbacks of the body,
my mind was then
            set free.


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