Khuddaka Nikaya

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Chapter VI — The Sixes

Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

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VI.1[idx][pāḷi] Khemā

In SN 5:4, a variation of the verse attributed to Māra, and the first verse attributed here to Sister Khemā, are included in a poem attributed to Sister Vijayā (see Thig 6:8). Sister Khema’s second verse is attributed to Sister Aḷavikā in SN 5:1. Her third verse also appears in Thig 7:2; its first half, in SN 5:3.

"You, a beautiful young woman;
I, a young man, full of youth.
Come, Khemā,
let’s enjoy ourselves
    to the music of a five-piece band."

"I’m disgusted, ashamed
of this putrid body—
disintegrating, dissolving.
    Sensual craving
     is rooted out.

Sensual pleasures
    are like swords and spears;
the aggregates,
    their executioner’s block.
What you call sensual delight
    is no delight for me.

Everywhere enjoyment
    is defeated;
the mass of darkness,
So know,    Evil One,
that you have been,
   struck down."




Paying homage to the zodiac stars,
tending the fire in the forest,
not knowing it as it actually was,
    fools, you conceived it
    as purity.
Whereas I
    am one who pays homage
    to the One Self-awakened,
    the utmost man.
I’m one who has done the Teacher’s bidding,
entirely released
from sufferings and stress.


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