Aṅguttara Nikāya

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Aṅguttara Nikāya
Catukka Nipāta
XIV: Puggala Vagga

The Book of the Gradual Sayings
The Book of the Fours
XIV: On Persons

Sutta 132

Paṭibhāno Puggala Suttaṃ


Translated from the Pali
Michael M. Olds



[1][pts] I Hear Tell:

Once upon a time the Lucky man, Sāvatthī-town revisiting.

There then Bhagava said this to the beggars:


And 'Elder!' those beggars responded.

The Lucky Man said this:

Four, beggars, are persons found in this world.

What four?

The on-point-orator not at-ease-orator

The at-ease-orator not on-point-orator.

The on-point-orator and at-ease-orator.

The neither on-point-orator nor at-ease-orator.

These are the four persons found in this world.


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