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Saṃyutta Nikāya:
V. Mahā-Vagga
45. Magga Saṃyuttaa

Sutta 36

Sāmañña Suttaṃ

Shamanism (2)

Translated from the Pāḷi
Michael M. Olds



[1][pts][bodh] I Hear Tell:

Once upon a time, Bhagava,
Sāvatthi-town residing:

There then The Lucky Man said this to the beggars:


And the beggars responding, "Bhante!"
the Lucky Man said:

"I will teach you, beggars,
of shamanism,
and of the attainments of shamanism.

Lend an ear!

And what, beggars is shamanism?


Consummate view,
consummate principles,
consummate speech,
consummate works,
consummate lifestyle,
consummate self-control,
consummate mind,
consummate serenity.

This is called, beggars,

And what, beggars,
are the attainments of shamanism?

Lust's destruction,
anger's destruction,
delusion's destruction.

This, beggars,
is what is called
'the attainments of shamanism.'"


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