Khuddaka Nikāya

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Canto II.
Psalms of Two Verses


Translated from the Pali by Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids.

Public Domain



Reborn in this Buddha-age at Benares, in a nobleman's family, and named Melajina, he became distinguished for learning and accomplishments, and renowned in all the country. When the Exalted One stayed at Benares, in Isipatana, Melajina went to hear him preach the Norm; and gaining faith, he entered the Order and won arahantship.

[115] And when the bhikkhus asked how far he had acquired supernormal qualities, he uttered a 'lion's roar':

[131] When I had heard the Master preach the Norm,
No doubts my mind could thenceforth entertain
In him all-knowing and invincible.

[132] Nor in a mighty hero like to him,
Lord of the caravan,[1] driver of men,
Peerless and grand, nor in the Path, the Rule,[2]
Can ever want of faith disturb my soul.


[1] Cf. Dialogues, ii. 32. Satthavāhe, there rendered 'lord of the pilgrim band,' is here more literally reproduced.

[2] Magge, paṭipadāyaɱ vā - i.e., 'the Ariyan [Eightfold] Path, and the Precepts, and so on' (Commentary). The verses may not seem an apposite reply; but if the Compendium of Philosophy (pp. 65, 210, 213) be consulted, it will be seen that the expulsion of all forms of doubt was held to be a very essential preliminary to transcending normal experience.


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