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Saɱyutta Nikāya
4. Saḷāyatana Vagga
36. Vedanā Saɱyutta
1. Sagāthā Vagga

The Book of the Kindred Sayings
4. The Book Called the Saḷāyatana-Vagga
Containing Kindred Sayings on the 'Six-Fold Sphere' of Sense and Other Subjects
36. Kindred Sayings about Feeling
1. With Verses

Sutta 5

Daṭṭhabba Suttaɱ

By So Regarding

Translated by F. L. Woodward
Edited by Mrs. Rhys Davids

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[1][nypo][bodh] Thus have I heard:

The Exalted One once addressed the brethren, saying:


"Lord," responded those brethren to the Exalted One.

The Exalted One thus spake:

"There are these three feelings, brethren.

What three?

Feelings that are pleasant,
feelings that are painful,
feeliags that are neither pleasant nor painful.

Pleasant feelings, Brethren,
should be regarded as Ill.

Painful feelings should be regarded as a barb.

Neutral feelings should be regarded as impermanence.

When a brother regards pleasant feelings as ill,
painful feelings as a barb,
neutral feelings as impermanence,
such an one is called, Brethren,
'rightly seeing.'|| ||

He has cut off craving,
broken the bond,
by perfect comprehension of conceit
he has made an end of ill.

Who sees that pleasure is an ill and pain a piercing barb,
Who sees the state of neutral feeling is impermanent,
That brother rightly sees indeed and feelings understands,
He, understanding feelings, in this life is drug-immune:
When body dies, - a saint, lore-perfect, past our reckoning.

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