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Saɱyutta Nikāya
5. Mahā-Vagga
55. Sot'Āpatti Saɱyutta
4. Puññ-ā-bhisanda Vagga

The Book of the Kindred Sayings
5. The Great Chapter
55. Kindred Sayings on Streamwinning
4. Flood of Merit

Sutta 37

Mahānāma Suttaɱ


Translated by F. L. Woodward
Edited by Mrs. Rhys Davids

Copyright The Pali Text Society
Commercial Rights Reserved
Creative Commons Licence
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[1] THUS have I heard:

On a certain occasion the Exalted One was staying near Kapilavatthu,
in Banyan Park.

Now Mahanama the Sakyan went to see the Exalted One
on coming to him greeted him courteously,
and after the exchange of greetings and compliments
sat down at one side.

Seated at one side
he said to the Exalted One:

"Pray, lord, how far is one a disciple?"

[339] "By going for refuge to the Buddha, Mahanama,
to the Norm
and to the Order,
one is a disciple."

"But, lord, how far is a disciple virtuous?"

"From the time when a disciple
abstains from killing,
abstains from stealing,
abstains from wrong conduct in sensual lusts,
abstains from falsehood
abstains from addiction to the neglect caused by intoxicants, -
thus far, Mahanama, a disciple is virtuous."

"But, lord, how far is a disciple a believer?"

"Herein, Mahanama, a disciple believes in the wisdom of the Tathāgata,

'He it is, the Exalted One,
a fully Enlightened One,
perfect in knowledge and practice,
a Happy One,
unsurpsassed charioteer of men to be tamed,
teacher of devas and mankind,
a Buddha,
an Exalted One.'

Thus far, Mahanama, a disciple is a believer."

"But, lord, how far is a disciple given to generosity?"

"Herein, Mahanama, a disciple dwells at home
with a heart freed from the taint of stinginess.

He is open-handed,
delighting in self-surrender,
one to ask a favour of,
one who rejoices in the dispensing of charitable gifts.

Thus far, Mahanama, a disciple is given to generosity."

"Pray, lord, how far is a disciple blessed with insight?"

"Herein, Mahanama, a disciple is a sage,
blessed with insight
into the rise and fall of things,
insight which is Ariyan,
going on to the utter destruction of ill.

Thus far, Mahanama, a disciple is possessed of insight."

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