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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
[ ASCII (aiumnntdnl) | IAST Unicode (āīūṃṅñṭḍṇḷ) ]



Passion, Enthusiasm, Excitement


The Seventh Lesson
[MN 118]
PTS: Majjhima Nikaya III #118: Mindfulness When Breathing, Horner trans., pp127
WP: The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, #118: Mindfulness of Breathing, Nanamoli/Bodhi, trans., pp946
[DN 22]
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[DN 1] 1 n.81.
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Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Nanamoli Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward
Piiti Enthusiasm, passion, excitement zest for joy rapture and joy, rapture Rapture, mental happiness rapture rapture, rapture and pleasure joy Entheusiasm (KS I, pp23 n.), Rapture Rapture delight zest


Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Piiti: [cp. Class. Sk. priiti & Vedic priita pp. of p.rii...] emotion of joy, delight, zest, exuberance. -Classed under sankhaarakkhandha, not vedanaa-. - D I.37, 75; III.241, 265, 288; M I.37; S II.30; IV.236; A III.26, 285 sq.; IV.411, 450; V.1 sq., 135, 311 sq., 333 sq.;...In series piiti passaddhi samaadhi upekkhaa under sambojjhanga (with eleven means of cultivation: see Vism 132...). -- Phrase piitiyaa sariira'n pharati "to pervade or thrill the body with joy" (aor. phari), at J I.33; V.494;...; all passages refer to piiti as the fivefold piiti, pa~ncava.n.naa piiti, or joy of the 5 grades..., viz. khuddikaa (slight sense of interest), kha.nikaa (momentary joy), okkantikaa (oscillating interest, flood of joy), ubbegaa (ecstasy, thrilling emotion), and phara.naa piiti (interest amounting to rapture, suffusing joy)....-- piiti as niraamisa (pure) and saamisa (material)[1] at M III.85; S IV.235.

-paamojja joy and gladness A III.181. 307 (*pamujja);...
-phara.nataa state of being pervaded with joy, joyous rapture, ecstasy D III.277;...
-bhakkha feeding on joy (Ep. of the Abhassara Devas) D I.17; III.28, 84, 90; A V.60;...A I.110;...
-mana joyful-hearted, exhilarated, glad of heart or mind M I.37; III.86; S I.181; A III.21; V.3;...
-rasa taste or emotion of joy...
-sambojjhanga the joy-constituent of enlightenment M III.86; D III.106, 226, 252, 282....
-sukha zest and happiness, intrinsic joy...S I.203; D III.131, 222;...


[1] "Niraamisa and saamisa" "without-meat, with-meat" or with or without carnality. This, it is my contention, is the clue to the translation of this term, that is to say that Piti, whatever it is, has a carnal side, and that must be accounted for in the translated term. I believe the best term is probably "excitement". I usually use "enthusiasm" to avoid having to explain that this is a good kind of excitement, not a distracted sort.

Walshe [The Long Discourses of the Buddha, 1, n.81]: "Piiti: a difficult word to translate. Renderings vary from 'interest' through 'zest' to 'rapture'. It is classified not as a feeling (vedanaa) but as part of the group of mental formations (sankhaaraa), i.e. as a mental reaction. BDic says: 'It may be described psychologically as "joyful interest"' - for which the simplest term would seem to be 'delight'.


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