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On Some Aspects of Samadhi

A new set of translations of the Jhanasamyutta of the Samyutta Nikaya.

I have done a "fully rolled out" translation of this sutta which is now located at

As a side benefit of doing this I have had this insight:

In the same way as I am able, with cut and paste, and search and replace, to construct an elaborate "Wheel" sutta such as this one, but will have gained only 'a sixteenth part of a sixteenth part' of the benefits one might have gained from doing the same thing in mind, the individual who gets high with drugs is able to attain certain high states of mind (and for sure there are some benefits from even doing this much) but the greater part of the advantages of getting high will be out of his reach.

If you want to "get high" naturally and see the real power of a magic spell then make a project of memorizing this one.



Anyone who wants to try their hand at one of these "wheels" and perhaps contribute to the greater richness of our collection of suttas might take a look at [SN 4.35] Samyutta Nikaya: Salayatanavagga: Asankhatasamyutta: IV. Salayatanavagga.[1] This whole set of suttas is almost totally abbreviated in both the PTS and WP editions (this one is more difficult than the one on samadhi by a factor of about 44.


[1]Suttas of the Samyutta Nikaya: Salayatanavagga: Asankhatasamyutta
[SN 4.35]
PTS: The Kindred Sayings about the Uncompounded, IV.256
WP: Connected Discourses on the Unconditioned, II.1372




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BD: See the index for references on individual suttas: SN 3.34

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