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Vinaya Resources Table of Contents

Vinaya Pitaka Index of Contents

The Story of the First Rule

Vinaya Pitaka, The Bhikkhu Patimokkha Index

ATI: The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha The Bhikkhunis' Code of Discipline, Translated from the Pāḷi by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

SBE: The Pātimokkha, The Words Of Disburdenment, Rhys Davids, Oldenberg, trans.

Defeat or Vesali A blending of the Samyutta Nikaya and Vinaya versions of the sutta describing the "Meditation on the Foul", a mass suicide of Bhikkhus, the formulation of the rule concerning killing a human being, and the first description of the "Attention to Breathing" technique.

Good Form:Illustrations of some of the "Manners" of the Well-Taught Beggar.

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