Khuddaka Nikaya

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Chapter VI — The Sixes



Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

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Rain soddens what's covered
and doesn't sodden what's exposed.
So open up what's covered up,
so that it won't get soddened by the rain.

Attacked by death
    is the world,
surrounded by aging,
beset by the arrow of craving,
always obscured by desire.

Attacked by death
    is the world,
and encircled by aging,
constantly beaten, with no shelter,
    like a thief
sentenced to punishment.

They encroach like masses of flame,
    these three:
    death, aging, and illness.
There's no strength to confront them,
no speed to run away.

Make the day not-in-vain,
a little or a lot.
However much
the day passes,
that's how much less
    is life.
Your last day approaches.
    This isn't your time
    to be heedless.


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