Khuddaka Nikāya

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Canto I.
Psalms of Single Verses


(Revata the Doubter)

Translated from the Pali by Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids.

Public Domain



He was reborn in the days of our Exalted One in a wealthy family of Sāvatthī. And as he stood in the outermost ring of those who went after dinner to hear Him-of-the-Ten-Powers preach, he believed, and thereupon entered the Order. And he attained arahantship by way of practising jhāna; and so proficient in jhāna did he become, that the Master pronounced him chief of the bhikkhus who practised it.

[1] [8] His task accomplished thus, this great Brother reflected on the inveterate tendency of his mind to doubt,[2] now wholly overcome, and praised the might and wisdom of the Exalted One, whereby his mind was now calm and steadfast, saying:

[3] Behold how great the wisdom is of Them
Who Thus-have-come![3] As fire at midnight hour,
Givers of light, givers of sight are they
To those that pass, subduing all their doubt.

Thus verily did the venerable Brother Kankhā-Revata utter his psalm.


[1] Ang. Nik., i. 24.

[2] This tendency is mentioned in the Apadāna. The soubriquet it earned may have been maintained undeservedly to distinguish Revātā from the more distinguished Mahā-Thera Revata, co-Director of the Council of Vesālī (Vinaya Texts, ii. 317; cf. 67).

[3] Tathāigatā. For a full exposition of this famous term, the Comy, refers to the Udāna and Iti-Vuttaka Commentaries Cf. J. H. Moore, Sayings of Buddha, p. 131; Sir R. Chalmers, JRAS, 1898, 108.


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