Khuddaka Nikāya

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Canto I.
Psalms of Single Verses


Translated from the Pali by Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids.


Public Domain


He was reborn in this Buddha-age at Rājagaha, as the son of a brahmin graduate.[1] Grown up and proficient in the Three Vedas, he saw no kernel in them, and being urged by maturity of conditions, he went to the Bamboo Grove, and when he had heard the Master preach, he left the world. Meditating in the forest on ethical conduct, he was not long in winning arahantship. Thereupon he approached the Master, saluted him, seated himself on one side and, by praising the Exalted One, confessed aññā in this verse:

[47] Buddha the Wake, the Hero hail! all hail![2]
Thou who from every bond art wholly free!
Strong in the lore I learnt of thee, I live[3]
From fourfold venom cleansed, sane, immune.[4]


[1] Sotthiya brāhmaṇa (Sansk. √rotriya), 'one who had graduated in the sacred tradition.'

[2] See Sisters, verse 157.

[3] More literally, 'In thy lore a liver I live.'

[4] I.e., from the four Āsavas, or poisons or intoxicants - sensuality, (love of) rebirth, opinion or speculation, ignorance (Compendium p. 227).


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