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Saɱyutta Nikāya
I. Sagātha Vagga
8. Vaṅgīsa-Thera-Saɱyutta

The Book of the Kindred Sayings
I. Kindred Sayings with Verses
8. The Vaṅgisa Suttas

Sutta 6

Sāriputta Suttam


Translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids
Assisted by Sūriyagoḍa Sumangala Thera
Copyright The Pali Text Society. Public Domain.




The venerable Sāriputta was once staying near Sāvatthī,
at the Jeta Vana,
in Anāthapiṇḍika's Park.

Now at that time the venerable Sāriputta was instructing,
and inspiring the brethren by a sermon,
delivered in courteous speech,
without impediment,
clearly enunciated,
communicating the matter in hand.

And those brethren with their whole mind applied,
attentive and intent,
listened with rapt hearing to the Norm.

Then the venerable Vaṅgīsa thought:

"The venerable Sāriputta and the brethren are thus engaged.

What if I were to extol the venerable Sāriputta in his presence with suitable verses?"

So he rose from his seat,
and draping his outer robe over one shoulder,
he bent his clasped hands saluting toward the venerable Sāriputta, and said:

"It is revealed to me, brother Sāriputta!
it is revealed to me!"

"Be it revealed to thee, brother Vanglsa."

Then the venerable Vanglsa extolled him to his face
in suitable verses: —

"With insight [into mysteries] deep,
And richly dowered with learned lore,
Expert in methods true and false,
The son of Sari,[1] greatly wise,
Teacheth the brethren in the Norm.
He teacheth both in brief outline,
And eke expounds in full detail.
And like the myna-bird's[2] sweet song
His exposition poureth forth.
And while he teaches, they who hear
His honeyed speech in tones they love
Of voice enchanting, musical,
With ravished ears, transported hearts
Delighted, list his every word."


[1] His mother was Rupasari, his family name, Upatissa.

[2] Sālikā, or rice-bird. Clough's Sinhalese Dictionary calls it a thrush: tardus salicus.

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