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Saŋyutta Nikāya,
V: MahāVagga
56. Sacca Saŋyutta
III. Koṭigāma Vagga

Sutta 28

Loka Suttaɱ

In the World

Translated from the Pali by Michael Olds



[1][pts][bodh] I HEAR TELL:

Once upon a time Bhagava, Savatthi-town revisiting, Anathapindika's Jeta-forest park.

There then The Lucky Man said this to the beggars:


And the beggars responding, "Bhante!"
the Lucky Man said:

"There are, Beggars, these four Aristocratic Truths.

What are these four?

The Aristocratic Truth concerning Pain.

The Aristocratic Truth concerning the co-arising of pain.

The Aristocratic Truth concerning pain-ending.

The Aristocratic Truth concerning the walk to walk to pain-ending-retirement.

These, Beggars, are those four Aristocratic Truths.

With the gods, beggars, the World,
with Māra
with Brahmā,
with shamen and brahmins being born
with gods and men,
one who gets the getting is an Aristocrat.

That is why they are called: 'Aristocratic Truths'.

That is why, here, beggers,
'This is Pain' is a well-made yoke,
'This is the co-arising of pain', is a well-made yoke,
'This is pain-ending' is a well-made yoke,
'This is the walk to walk to pain-ending-retirement,' is a well-made yoke.


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