Aṅguttara Nikāya

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III. Tika Nipāta
V. Cūḷa Vagga

The Book of the Gradual Sayings
More-Numbered Suttas

III. The Book of the Threes
V. The Minor Section

Sutta 42

Tiṭhāna Suttaɱ


Translated from the Pali by
F.L. Woodward, M.A.

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[1][bodh][than] Thus have I heard:

On a certain occasion the Exalted One was staying near Sāvatthī.

Then he addressed the monks, saying:


"Yes, Lord," replied those monks to the Exalted One.

The Exalted One said this:

"Monks, a believer is to be recognized by three characteristics.

What three?

He desires to see the virtuous;
he desires to hear Saddhamma;
with heart free from the taint of stinginess
he dwells at home,
a generous giver,
clean handed,
delighting in giving up,
one to ask a favour of,
one who delights to share gifts [134] with others.[1]

By these three characteristics a believer is to be recognized as such."



Let him desire to see the virtuous,
Let him desire to hear Saddhamma preached,
Let him remove[2] the taint of stinginess,
If he would be by men "believer" called.


[1] Cf. S. i, 228 (K.S. i, 294).

[2] Taking vineyya as optative, not gerund.

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