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Index of the Suttas of the Saɱyutta Nikāya
Nidana Vagga
Rāhula Saɱyutta


Index of Sutta Indexes


II. Nidāna Vagga

PTS: Saɱyutta Nikāya Volume 2, Nidāna-Vagga ed. by M. Léon Feer, London: Pali Text Society 1888. The html formatted Pali Text Society edition of the Pali text.
BJT: Saɱyutta Nikāya Volume 2, Nidāna-Vagga The Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series Pali text.

The Pali text for individual suttas listed below is adapted from the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series [BJT], not from the PTS version.
Each translation is linked to it's Pali version and to the PTS, Sister Upalavanna, Olds and where available to the ATI Bhk. Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. Many, but not all have been checked against the Pali Text Society edition, and many have been reformatted to include the original Pali (and/or organizational) phrase and sentence breaks.

PTS: The Kindred Sayings on Cause, translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids assisted by F.L. Woodward,
WP: The Book of Causation, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
ATI: The translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro and others originally located on Access to Insight.
BD: The translations of M. Olds
MNL: The trnslations of Sister Upalavanna.

VII. Rāhula Saɱyutta, II.244

PTS: Kindred Sayings about Rahula, II.165
WP: Connected Discourses with Rahula, I.694


1. Cakkhu Suttaɱ, II.244

PTS: The Eye, II.165
WP: The Eye, Etc., I.194

2. Rūpa Suttaɱ, II.245

PTS: Thing Seen, II.166
WP: Forms, Etc., I.695

3. Viññāṇa Suttaɱ, II.246

PTS: Awareness, II.166
WP: Consciousness, I.695

4. Samphasso Suttaɱ, II.246

PTS: Contact, II.166
WP: Contact, I.695

5. Vedanā Suttaɱ, II.247

PTS: Feeling, II.166
WP: Feeling, I.695

6. Saññā Suttaɱ, II.247

PTS: Perception, II.166
WP: Perception, I.696

7. Sañcetanā Suttaɱ, II.247

PTS: Volition, II.166
WP: Volition, I.696

8. Taṇhā Suttaɱ, II.248

PTS: Craving, II.166
WP: Craving, I.696

9. Dhātu Suttaɱ, II.

PTS: Element, II.166
WP: Elements, I.697

10. Khandha Suttaɱ, II.249

PTS: Aggregates, II.166
WP: Aggregates, I.697


11. Cakkhu Suttaɱ, II.249

PTS: The Eye
WP: 11-20: The Eye, Etc., I.697

12. Rūpa Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Thing Seen

13. Viññāṇa Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Awareness

14. Samphasso Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Contact

15. Vedanā Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Feeling

16. Saññā Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Perception

17. Sañcetanā Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Volition

18. Taṇhā Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Craving

19. Dhātu Suttaɱ, II.251

PTS: Element

20. Khandha Suttaɱ, II.252

PTS: Aggregates

21. Anusaya Suttaɱ, II.252

PTS: Insidious Tendency, II.167
WP: Underlying Tendency, I.698

22. Mānāpagata Suttaɱ, II.253

PTS: Gone Away From, II.168
WP: Rid Of, I.698

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